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Things to do at night in Abu Dhabi

Nightlife in Abudhabi

Abu Dhabi is definitely the Middle East's capital of nightlife fun. You can find anything you might want to see or do here. Nights are especially beautiful in this city and you will also find some high-end restaurants. But before you go out at night with abu dhabi escorts, you need to remember that while Abu Dhabi is a bit looser on rules when compared to other cities and neighboring stations, it is still a country which is based on Islamic rule, which means that there are some restrictions regarding alcohol consumption.
You can choose from a myriad of hotels, restaurants, and bars with our post of things to do at night in Abu Dhabi. With the below mentioned places, you can truly spend a unique night out in Abu Dhabi and some places will make you feel like never want to leave this city.

1. Emirates Palace:

To have a memorable meal, you need to dive into this palace. The caviar bar and Le Cafe in the palace are served with only the finest ingredients which are used to create this superior blend of aromatic coffee. The Cappucino is served on a polished silver tray along with a date and different sweets. You can dine al fresco under the lantern-lit gazebos at BBQ Al Qasr. The sea breeze near to this palace keeps you cool as you tuck into steak and seafood.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:
 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of a truly breathtaking marvel of architectures. You need to visit this place while the sun sets and the night starts while showing its beauty which will be completely worth to see. You can sit here on the carpeted floors or stare out onto the white marble courtyard and finally get lost in thinking of the beauty of life.

3. Night Clubs:
You can find a number of hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi in the areas which have the best nightclubs. If you stay in a luxurious hotel, then you likely have some quality clubs and restaurants right inside. G Club is known to be one of the best and is located inside Le Meridien. Allure by Cipriani is located in the Yas Island Yacht where you can view the beach with beautiful glowlights. Club Cinnabar at the Hilton Abu Dhabi is also another fun club. Rock Bottom is a well-known club which is found in the Capital Hotel.
You can choose the club depending on what you are looking for. Each club has different music specials and dance choices. You can either chill out with drinks or visit the clubs which really bring the music so you dance.

4. Restaurants:
You can find most of the top-notch restaurants inside the hotels. The Jazz Bar and Hemingway's are the most popular restaurants in the city of Abu Dhabi which are located in the Hilton. Sea Lounge Is in the Monte-Carlo Beach Club which offers excellent service and you can dine here while viewing the pleasant

scenery. Oceans restaurant is located in the Le Royal Meridien which provides you with ultimate taste with amazing quality.
You don't really require a reservation at many restaurants. You can find the restaurants which are often listed on the hotel websites, and not only what restaurants are in your own hotel but if reservations are recommended.

5. Ferrari World:

This place is for the people who love amusement parks and thrills. The best way to spend your night out uniquely in Abu Dhabi is to visit the world famous Ferrari World. You will get to enjoy the world's fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa, and many other rides along with the entertainment venues which are bound to make you never want to leave this place.

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